Tony Jazz, marketer, and a creative entrepreneur has standardized sound design in France by composing a music for the campaign of a president: Obama ...

After law studies, Tony Jazz crossed the Atlantic and began a career as a producer-composer between New York and Montreal. Tony Jazz then discovers the sound design. Composition of a sound universe for a company, a brand.

At the same time, Tony discovered the story of an extraordinary Chicago politician: Barack Hussein Obama. Inspired, Tony Jazz composes a song gathering excerpts from Obama's speeches. Posted on Youtube, the song records hundreds of millions of views on the web.

In early 2010, Tony Jazz launched its company, the On Air Group. They signed their first contracts with Amnesty International, Orange, Thales ... In January 2012, the media praised its subsidiary On Air Agency after the tweet of a reporter referring to the song composed for Obama. This one is noticed by the ambassador of the United States in Paris.

Tony Jazz is the author of the book "On Air Marketing: sound to marketing" EMS editions.

He is today a lecturer in innovation and creativity in marketing, regular guest of TEDx.

In 2014, Alain Juppé appointed him president of the Forum of Innovations. Its mission is to connect innovative project leaders together and to unite them.

Special advisor, chief of staff for politicians and major groups in innovation and marketing, his role is to find and put in place innovative ideas to make a company a leader in its sector.