Marouane is a PhD candidate at Mohammed V University . As an MCC alumnus from MCC 2014/2015/2016, he has developed a passion for cross cultural diversity with a specific focus on interfaith dialogue.

Marouane is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Moroccan Millennium Leaders (MML). As an expert in international relations and public policy, Marouane has also partnered with international institutions to raise awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.


Nour Al Houda SARF , SEcretary General of the Millennium Moroccan leaders and executive director of the MCC17

Nour Al Houda Sarf is a Graduate student in Political Sciences at Mohammed V University with a minor in Marketing and Communication. Currently, she is working on her Masters' research project about civil society and foreign policy. 

As an MCC alumnus from MCC 2014 and MCC 2016, Nour Al Houda has developed a passion for advancing partnerships among young leaders, with a special focus on Global South initiatives.

Nour Al Houda is also the Co-Founder of Moroccan Millennium Leaders (MML). Through its network, the Millennium Moroccan Leaders supports the next generation of world leaders to meet the millennial challenges, especially in Africa.

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Hatim El Otmani is a graduate from the University of Mohammed V Raba with a Masters degree in Environmental law and Sustainable Development, along with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. As one of the Moroccan youth leaders trying to make a positive impact in their communities, Hatim has brought his knowledge, initiative, and spirit into the movement. He is extremely passionate about the Sustainable Development Goals and youth, especially with regards to climate change. 

Hatim has acquired project management and organizing skills through his work with NGOs and other institutions such as the UNOPS, ICBCC, SDY and MML. Outside of his professional life, Hatim enjoys participating as a member of the Philharmonic Choir in Morocco. 


Hala Ainou, Program Director Hala is a recent graduate from Mohamed V University in Rabat in Biodiversity, Management and conservation. She is currently a Ph-D student working on the role of wetland in the conservation of biodiversity and also the fact that climate change can destabilized an entire ecosystem. She is deeply passionate about Ocean and everything related to. Hala is also the treasurer and Co-founder of The Sustainable Development’s Youth (SDY) a non-profit organization working on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She’s also an international exchange alumni and a young leader. She’s absolutely certain that youth power can change the world

Yassine Bekkouri , Deputy Executive Director of Millennium Morrocan Leaders


Yassine is a graduate of both the University of Mohammed V (Morocco) and Duke law school (North Carolina, USA) and is currently practicing law in Morocco with a focus in corporate law. Prior to his practice of law and his passing of both the Moroccan bar exam in addition to the New York State bar exam for which he is expected to be sworn in early next year, Yassine has been involved with different NGO’s such as “Forum Anfa” in which he has worked towards raising awareness on issues of education, race and equality. Yassine has a particular interest towards the African continent and especially its sub-Saharan region where he has spent several internships while in law school. Throughout the years, Yassine has developed a particular interest towards the Media as a tool with the power of shaping opinions and changing societies, and has worked during his years at law school as a correspondent for a renowned press agency.



Salma is a recent graduate from Mohamed V University in Rabat , holding a BA in Linguistics. She is currently attending SIST British University and working towards achieving a Master of Business Administration in Project Management . She is a dedicated human activist who has been involved with Amnesty International for years. Salma also serves as the president of Rabat World Merit Council and has volunteered for several local non-profit associations prior to working with MCN. 

Additionally , Salma has volunteered as a facilitator for Soliya Connect, a cross-cultural education program that establishes a deeper understanding for the perspectives of others around the world on prominent socio-political issues. She is passionate about women's empowerment, social justice, leadership development, global development work towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Salma is excited to be a part of the MCN team as she believes students are integral to making local impact to contribute to global change.