As the COO, Marlou is leading all aspects of the organization, including a global community of 120,000+ changemakers. Across 125+ in Country Offices and 500,000+ acts of merit, World Merit has achieved a reach of over 7,5 million people globally. The HQ is based in Liverpool and exists of twelve full time staff members. 

World Merit is a global community representing every country in the world. The World Merit community is taking action to make a positive difference, both locally and globally. Together with the United Nations, World Merit focuses on tackling the Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to end extreme poverty, fix climate change and get rid of inequality. Our online platform connects young global citizens and provides a place to debate on global issues, collaborate on projects and showcase their impact. Each month we set a number of different challenges that enable our members to develop their personal and professional skills whilst also making a positive impact. These challenges are rewarded with life-changing opportunities, such as mentorship, cultural exchange, conferences, internships and jobs. Across 500,000 acts of merit, specifically aimed at tackling the Sustainable Development Goals, the community has achieved a reach of over 7,5 million people globally.

It’s World Merit’s mission to unleash the upcoming generation to create waves of change. Their vision is to improve the world by providing young global citizens with radically inclusive opportunities. they exist to empower youth to build a better future beyond beliefs and borders.

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