Writer, columnist; Mr. Nali specialized in public diplomacy strategies and state marketing, Jalal is an excellent international relations observer and researcher, his expertise is demanded in evaluating and executing public relations strategies; Mr. Nali took office as President and S.G in several NGOs (DPM, CNMJ, CDPM, MB, TAL) he is an important actor in the field of promotion and strategic studies; Mr. Nali is an experienced  public relations consultant; member of several international institutions (Anna Lindh, JEEM, REED Elsevier, Oxford RGFTS, TAL); Mr. Nali is often involved in international conflict resolution cases, in addition Mr. Nali was honored as “leader of tomorrow” by Crans Montana Forum in Brussels 2014.

Dr Jalal Nali is a Public Relations Specialist &  Author of International Relations In Global Era . He holds a PhD in Management and negotiation (USA), Master in Logistics and world trade (Belgium), university degree in IT another degree in world trade and logistics. He is president of CDPM ‘Center of Peace and Development in the Mediterranean’. He is the former Director and G.S of ‘One’ NGO for medical aid to Africa and CNMJ respectively.. Dr. Nali is knowledgeable in global politics, geostrategic affairs and Military logistics in Africa. He is Member of the Oxford global research on terror and he is science articles’ Reviewer at Reed Elsevier JEEM. his consultancy work is based on company ground realities, future challenges and risks avoiding/advancing strategies, with comparative approach, Adequate analysis and cost effective solutions.