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A former auditor at Ernst and Young Chicago, Isabella is no stranger to the complexities of working in global business environments and the challenges this poses to many individuals without exposure to cross cultural dialogue, empathy for global issues, and experience leading diverse teams. Using her global work experiences to understand the cultural competency skills gap, Isabella was motivated to empower diverse, underrepresented youth to assume new leadership paradigms.

Isabella and her sister Jacqueline co-founded NetWings Corp; an organization dedicated to creating opportunities of exposure for underrepresented youths to defy barriers of geography, language, culture, and empathy. NetWings prepares high school and college student delegations to attend prestigious global conferences while engaging in cross cultural experiences and writing Case Studies. In doing so, NetWings aims to revolutionize the way youths interact with topics spanning beyond their local communities and more importantly, lead others’ interaction.

From developing Case Studies for topics such as the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Germany, the Black Market for the USD in Argentina and the Role of Journalism in a Digital Age in the U.S., NetWings students take a more personal approach to learning about, empathizing with, and finding solutions to shared global issues.

NetWings’ ability to empower empathetic global youth leaders with heightened social, professional, and cultural competencies is one that not only touches on the importance of personal student development but is critical in building pipelines of impact led leadership.