We are honored to host Ms. Aicha Chenna and award her as a recipient of the 2017 Global Generation Award.

Chenna is a national women right's advocate in Morocco, with a specific focus on changing societal perceptions of unmarried women. Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Chenna experienced the taboo surrounding single mothers at the age of three after the death of her father, where her mother was left to raise her alone. At this young age and onward Chenna was able to understand the importance of solidarity and social networks as many of her father's friends helped her attend a distinguished French primary school, which her mother would otherwise not be able to afford. In 1959, Chenna began her first volunteer work with a child welfare program.

As a nurse and former employee of the Ministry of Public Health, Chenna provided hygienic educational training workshops. Through visits to many orphanages and conversations with superiors, Chenna learned of the issue of abandoned children in the country along with the strong taboo against family planning. Later, as a government social workers Chenna was able to witness the struggles plaguing unwed mothers that couldn't obtain government assistance. These issues included sexual violence, mental and physical abuse, and other mental trauma.

In 1985, Chenna founded the Association Solidarité Feminine (ASF), a non-profiit organization founded to provide single mothers with child support, job training, and psychological assistance to facilitate the transition to autonomy and independence. The Casablanca-based organization continues to serve women today, attempting to alleviate the social issues Chenna had witnessed in her earlier work. 

Aside from serving as President of the ASF, Chenna is also a notable member of the Moroccan League for Childhood Protection. In 2009, she was awarded the prestigious Opus Prize worth one million US dollars, which she has promised to use for the continuation of her foundation's work,